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If I wish, I can work hard to make them really happy by providing them with short commutes to work, or by making sure they have access to luxuries.


But micro-management is beyond my downbeat mood right now. I let them go about their lives in a state of mild contentment.

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Filed under: Reviews PC Windows. Medieval city-builder Foundation is a welcome escape from reality New, 19 comments. Add a small farm. Every Minecrafter needs a garden or a farm, right?

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Add a small farm with wheat and a few trees to give your house that "organic" feeling. Maybe even use some bone meal to grow some plants around your house.

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For even more of an old, medieval-like feeling of being a farmer, construct a mob farm! Add a few horses. Most medieval knights have horses! Add a small fenced in area with a horse in armor and some hay bales, and maybe even a cauldron filled with water as a water source for the horse. Decide where each room will go. Some rooms to think about are listed below.

The Artful Escape

Obviously, these are all optional. You might not have built a very large house, and that's okay! Just pick a few of these rooms: Basement if you want to dig an extra hole Kitchen Dining room Bedroom Living room. Use furnaces and chests in the kitchen. Add a sink made of a cauldron filled with water, and any other kitchen furnishings. Make a wooden table for the dining room. Search Google for "Minecraft chairs" and you can find some cool chair ideas too. Add a nightstand and some flowers in a pot next to your bed in the bedroom.

The wall can be nicely decorated with a painting or two. A nightstand could be a simple block or a fence with a pressure plate on top pressure plate looks like tabletop. Skip a bathroom. The reason you don't want to make a bathroom is because back in the medieval days, people didn't have bathrooms, they had pots. You can use flower pots or cauldrons. Make the hallways. You can try using stairs to create indentations in the floor, and carpet wherever it looks best.

They are the only blocks which have that slanted look to them. This doesn't mean that you have to make it out of stairs though. You could use slabs, or regular blocks. Keep in mind that regular blocks won't achieve the same goal as the stairs, and slabs require more materials to build. Yes No. Not Helpful 5 Helpful Yes, but you will have to download a plugin mod.

Not Helpful 4 Helpful The stove was a furnace, and the furniture back then was similar to Minecraft furniture, except for the brewing stand and the enchantment table and redstone. Not Helpful 2 Helpful After you find a good one you like, download it and insert it into AppData - Roaming - Minecraft - resourcepacks Make sure it is the right version.

Open up Minecraft, then texture packs, and it should be there. If it's not, there is an option to upload files as well. These zones are for trade such as through markets, shops, malls, restaurants, or grocery stores. Trade allows for citizens of a city to get all types of items and services without having to specifically work for each type of item or service.

Some shops work better mixed in with residential zones. A commercial zone can allow for lots of shops to be nicely clustered together and for large stores to be neatly separated from the housing. If the citizens are players, commercial zones can create extra opportunities for player interactions. Since a metropolis should be quite large, efficient transportation is important to keep the city together. Public transportation hubs can create efficient travel. Some cities might work best with ice roads, minecart rails , or piston bolts.

Some metropolises might work best using the Nether to decrease the distance between places. Command blocks or signs with commands could teleport players when triggered. Infrastructure fitting to the theme of the metropolis should also be used to give more life to the city. Mass production greatly decreases the space needed for many people to live, but it isn't the prettiest sight. Industrial zones keep giant farms or mass production plants away from where residents live. If the farms or mob farms actually produce items, this also may reduce lag by keeping these large, item creating structures unloaded when unneeded.

These areas are generally best kept further from any type of residential or commercial zone since their function is often practicality over appearance.

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A city really can appear to have more pride just by adding a capital area. Adding larger, flashier buildings to stick out in the city skyline adds perceived power to the city. The area can be easily decorated with many statues and monuments. Such areas are usually more expensive to live in, so rarer materials fit into the block pallet well. Place the trash into the bin chest and it will be taken away without doing anything else, using a redstone comparator. The hopper will empty the chest into the dropper , and then the dropper , facing down, will empty the trash into the disposal pipe.

The pipe will transport it with water to an Incinerator.

To start up the redstone repeater , place a lever at one of the corners then press the lever and quickly remove it. Then you should see the redstone repeater pulse and repeat. The hole is for the dropper to empty trash into the pipe. The water should flow down and push the items left into another hopper and dropper to drop into either the Incinerator or Recycling Center.

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