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We service it and return it to the same spot before they return home — cleaned and vacuumed, as well. And, we change these up according to seasons. The public always follows up and checks us out on the Internet. Our goal is to inform and educate the public about car maintenance and repair.

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Long-time customer Mary Axelson helps us with our marketing and events. Here she is serving Irish coffee during a St.

What we did

Today, the consumer is very savvy. Everyone does his or her research online. Having a great website with helpful automotive information, as well as personal information about us and our employees, allows the public to get to know us. This, coupled with social media interaction, creates an affinity with potential customers. The shop also has an active following on social media, where Nancy says they can have a little fun while also promoting special events. Consistent Staffing Peyton and Nancy originally owned a Shell gas station with three bays prior to moving to their present location in I want to work here!

We make sure of that.

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We provide paid vacations, paid health benefits and paid holidays. In addition, we provide ongoing training, uniforms and a Monday-Friday workweek.

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We do not work weekends or holidays. We welcome their input and value their opinions in regard to making improvements at the shop. This positive work environment is a big reason why we do not have a large turnover rate. At years-old, Lee is treading new ground for several reasons. He is the youngest state deputy in Iowa history, with only two other men worldwide having served as state deputies at younger ages. He will serve a one-year term that officially begins in July after being elected by delegates from across Iowa at the most recent state convention.

It is then customary for state deputies to be re-elected for a second term that also lasts a year.

Knight of Passion

Lee himself was raised a missionary Baptist until sixth grade. At that point, he, his mother and two siblings converted.

There was a council at my church. The Knights operate under the guiding principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism, which fuel much of their action. Although he was 24 and had already graduated from the University of Northern Iowa, he was asked to help out by a friend from church who was still in school.

Eventually, Lee served as the first grand knight of St.

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He later worked aiding college councils around the state. In , he was appointed as a district deputy to oversee four to five councils. This required him to spend a significant amount of time outside the home, but his wife, Amanda, who also manages her own career in education, was supportive. Our kids really get to see all the ways to get involved at all different levels in the church and the community. In , the Lees, who have three living children, lost a son at birth. It gave us something proactive. Knights leadership has been particularly successful in starting councils that include ethnic and cultural groups that are new to the Knights in Iowa, such as Hispanics, Vietnamese, Haitians, Bosnians and others.