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There is a long introduction and an equally long bibliography of ancient sources and secondary literature.

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Scholars of all persuasions will use it for its rich documentation and its fresh discussions of debated issues. Almost half of each page consists of footnotes with a wealth of detail drawn from difficult-to-find Jewish and Greco-Roman sources. Therefore, scholars will be returning to this commentary time and again in their study and research. Likewise impressive is the bibliography extending over pages and the indexes that cover over pages.

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In his pages of background information at the beginning of his commentary, Keener proves that he is a person of detail who can converse with the latest scholarship. The background material is the strength of this commentary and will enable it to be used productively for many years. Keener states from the outset that his approach in this commentary is a social-historical one. In the end, it is difficult to say anything negative about Keener's commentary.

The amount of extra-biblical ancient literature cited in this commentary is nothing less than prodigious. Keener has done all students of John an enormous service by bringing together a comprehensive compilation of ancient sources that could influence the interpretation of the Fourth Gospel.

This makes the commentary a potentially valuable reference tool. Such critical sympathy enables Keener to write a work that is not only rigorous in its historical method, but also offers theological insight to the reader. The work is certainly not a devotional commentary, but does represent an empathy with the author and theological sensitivity not always present among commentators.

He has consistently carried out his socio-historical approach on almost every page. This work will aid mainly scholars in their study of the social-historical background of the Gospel and will provide them with a wealth of source material in this regard that is normally not included in such a thorough way.

Keener's commentary should take its place next to other monumental commentaries like [those of] R. Brown and R. He wants to provide other researchers with his own supply of relevant social data, which for the most part have not been applied as extensively to the Fourth Gospel.

The manner in which Keener synthesizes the enormous amount of material contained in these volumes is a tribute to his dedication and sound knowledge in this field. This value-added feature alone makes these volumes worth possessing.

Its primary distinction is that it borrows in unsurpassed ways from ancient Jewish and Greco-Roman sources, casting fresh and compelling light on the primary interests of Johannine Gospel studies. A first-rate critical treatment of the Johannine text, this commentary also elucidates meaningful and applicable theological points at every turn. Keener contributes insights regarding social and anthropological associations with particular themes and details, and identifies ways in which John's material is either consonant or contrasts with parallel understandings, thereby providing a great service to the interpreter.

This work will be a challenge to critical and traditional scholars alike, but for different reasons. It will challenge the traditionalist scholar by providing an avalanche of Greco-Roman and contemporary Jewish information sure to provoke new insights and understandings. It will challenge the critical scholar by pointing out the ways in which John is both divergent from and similar to ancient parallels, contesting deconstructions on the basis of ancient contemporaneous literature. All readers, though, will be helped by Keener's massive commentary.

Every serious collection of Johannine commentaries must include a spot for this important work. Biblical scholars will find it a valuable reference book especially for the innumerable ancient sources. These numbers provide an indication of the character and strength of this particular Johannine commentary.

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Keener accomplished his objective: To assist the reader in reading the Fourth Gospel from a social and historical first-century perspective. The strength of this commentary is certainly its comprehensiveness and in this respect it will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to the field of Johannine studies.

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The background material will be used productively by serious students for many years. Keppel was ordained in Focusing on the prologue of John's Gospel, J. Rendel Harris offers concise exposition of the text. Examining semantics and authorship, Harris compares the Greek, Latin, and Syriac translations. Harris went on to later become Professor of Theology at Leiden University. Eckman , Charles R. Erdman , Edgar Johnson Goodspeed. Format: Digital. Publishers: J. Overview Classic Commentaries and Studies on the Gospel according to John offers some of the most significant classic studies on the book of John from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Key Features Over 8, pages of notable scholarship on the Gospel of John Noted authors from a variety of backgrounds Completely searchable content linked to your preferred Bible translation and to the other books in your library. Owen has brought his great linguistic attainments to bear upon this work with great effect and success. The exposition is clear and practical. The Gospel of St. Publication Date: Pages: Sample Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.

Thorough honesty, reverence, and deep thought pervade the work, which is every way solid and philosophical, as well as theological, and abounding with suggestions which the patient student may draw out more at length for himself. Maurice's most effective and instructive work. He is peculiarly fitted by the constitution of his mind, to throw light on St. John's writings. Whitelaw discusses with marked ability, candor, and local acumen, the usual questions of the authenticity, authorship, composition, purpose, and plan of the Gospel.

The exposition properly reflects on its every page untiring industry, grammatical scholarship, exegetical skill, sound judgment, and independence of thought. A Commentary on the Gospel of St. John Author: W.

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This book is marked by lucidity, acuteness, conscientiousness, a wide range of learning, sound scholarship, and a fine and tolerant breadth of view. The commentary on John, though professedly exegetical in its character, contains much that appeals directly to the spiritual apprehension, but from communion "with the writer's own heart, and with the Spirit of God. Exposition of the Gospel of St. John, vol. Robertson Publisher: Fleming H. This volume can be laid alongside of Prof. Erdman's volume mentioned elsewhere, the two books being a fine furnishing of up-to-date and scholarly though writings.

May such books be multiplied. A Devotional Commentary on the Gospel of St. This book is convenient and attractive, pleasant to the hand and to the eye. It is pleasant to close with words of praise, and we heartily commend the volume of Prof. Riggs to all who desire a thorough, reverent, and sympathetic exposition of the Gospel. Van Oosterzee is already known in America as one of the contributor's to Lange's Commentary. He is one of the most eloquent preachers and profound scholars of Holland, a little more than fifty years of age.

The present volume is a course of lectures by him, delivered to a large and intelligent audience in the Odeo of Amsterdam with good effect. Nothing could be more able, seasonable, and complete. This volume will be especially helpful to students of the Gospel of John.

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They are broad and deep, they instruct and edify, while they hold and delight the reader. Gregg has distinguished himseld as an author, it is a valuable contribution tot he permanent religious literature. Ritchie Smith Publisher: Fleming H. It is a delight to receive such gifts from the pastorate as this excellent study of the teaching of John's Gospel. The reader will.