The Wisdom of the Elders

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Donate This project supports hosting and documentation of elders stories and messages. Your donations support our efforts to enable elders to share their wisdom. Donate Now. Volunteer At Living Ways, we require volunteers for a range of activities, from working on our key projects, to helping with administrative work or our promotional and digital efforts. We encourage diversity among our volunteers, and recruit prospective volunteers from a broad range of abilities and backgrounds.

Volunteer Here. Elders possess a valuable contribution and represent a vast store of wisdom that can guide us in transforming our lives, our communities and the planet. Living Ways aims to increase awareness of the powerful role of elders, as well as disseminating their messages and supporting the concept of eldership for children, youth and adults.

Living Ways acknowledges and champions the profound gifts of elders for the betterment of our society. We are developing a variety of projects to share their wisdom and guidance for us all.

We help people care for land and water.

It is an honour and privilege to feature this spiritual elder and share some of his messages recorded before his passing. Living Ways is grateful and delighted to have these videos available to the public.

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He was fifth generation grandson of Mistawasis, "Big Child" - a hereditary chief - and the sixth generation grandson of Big Bear, who fought the last battle between the Cree and the Canadian government in Recognized and respected Heyoka sacred clown and medicine which is often given in reverse , he was also a Story Teller. As a decorated Korean War Veteran receiving citations, Elder Vern served as a combat paratrooper and military policeman in the 82nd airborne division. Having dedicated his life to service particularly to serving community, Elder Vern founded various projects and organizations i.

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The long list of accomplishments and achievements include having been the Spiritual Elder for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health from until counseling numerous individuals with addictions and leading ceremonies and sharing his deep wisdom with humbleness and honour. I have dedicated my life to protection of the children and our heritage. I have worked my entire life in the Native community. I understand what our ancestors went through, and how some of this history has affected the Aboriginal community negatively.

Some of our people deal with identity issues.

The Wisdom of the Aged

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